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Friday, July 26, 2019

entry arrow4:55 PM | I Do Note My Childhood

The You Do Note girl reminds me of how we were in grade school in the late 1980s when my classmates and I would put on as classroom drama an ENTIRE FILM starring Sharon Cuneta we had just seen. We would rehearse every scene we could remember, trying to be faithful to every line reading. The slapping scenes were always highlights. I did the character played by Christopher de Leon [I think?], and my classmate Diedre, whom I had a crush on [yes], was of course Sharon. [I read that as a "sign," to be honest.] I think this was Lino Brocka's Babangon Ako't Dudurugin Kita (1989), because the timeline is just right. We would have been in third grade.

I don't recall what class it was we did this for. Filipino? And why did the teacher allow us to do it? For her own amusement? Whoever it was, I belatedly appreciate her tolerance for our childhood fancy at acting out an entire movie: it must have been hilariously abridged and chaotic, but it was a foundational experience for me later on loving film, theatre, and writing.

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