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Wednesday, February 09, 2011

entry arrow4:30 AM | Soulful Overkill

Christina Aguilera bungling The Star Spangled Banner in the Super Bowl is proof of what’s wrong with much of pop music today: it’s all about the riffing, and to hell with good lyrics. In The Huffington Post, John Eskow writes: “It’s called melisma — the bending of syllables for bluesy or soulful effect — and what’s especially creepy about the way it’s used now is that it perverts America’s true genius for song, as evinced by its creators in the world of gospel and R&B, like Ray Charles and Aretha Franklin. You will hear more of this tonsil-twisting insincerity — to your eternal sorrow — if you watch any episode of American Idol.” Read more here.

Now let's take a look at the more iconic take on the song from the same event: Whitney Houston's now-famous rendition...

Granted, this was pre-recorded, but listen to the possibilities when you pay respect to the song and not the riffing...

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