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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

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Any economist will tell you that the simplest way to measure the fiscal health of a nation is to measure the size of its middle class. Is it growing? Is it even existent? That is why I shall take the risk of being damned an elitista -- but what the hey, I am -- and express doubt about such typical Filipino pre-occupation with masa. Reading this in Sassy Lawyer's blog made me cringe, and made me take a deep breath, because it says all the things many of us wants to say, but can't. I'm still not that angry, and I definitely do not want a fascist state, but the whole rant still makes me take pause. Is there a Filipino middle-class ba? I once read somewhere that the problem with the Philippines is that its middle-class lives abroad, leaving only the very elite and the very poor scrambling and in constant war for power, like cockroaches in a dungheap.

Ay naku, will there be any solution to all of our problems?

GMA reeks like bad B.O. Noli looks eternally stupid, like a troglodyte who doesn't know where he is supposed to be. Cory should just shut up, and discipline her daughter first for being such a public slut. The bishops should be forced to only say their masses and stop treating the Philippines like a proverbial theocracy. And that goes the same for all those stupid evangelists with political ambitions. Susan Roces exasperates me with her posturing, and for mistaking a widow's lament for leadership potential. The whole of the opposition stinks to high heaven with its crew of pikon political gangsters and their abilities for shrewd machinations just to grab power. (Pimentel is a sad shell of the great man he once was. Erap should die from heart attack already. Tatad, who loves the Lord so much as he professes, should be taken away by the Lord soon.) All the Cabinet secretaries are liars. And those who resigned and called for GMA to resign are not heroes at all but opportunists.

And I hate all the people I see rallying on TV because I am sure more than half of them voted for GMA anyway.

Oh, what a circus. There's a word for all of these: Kakistocracy. Government by the least qualified or most unprincipled citizens. Add that to your vocabulary, and draw the Filipino.

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