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Friday, July 14, 2006

entry arrow4:38 PM | Manila Bound

So that seals where I should be headed tomorrow: to Manila, or bust. I have just bought my plane ticket -- and Mark's -- and we're leaving Saturday afternoon, giving us the whole of Saturday morning to panic as we prepare for what to pack for five days in the Big City. We will be staying in Shalom, near Malate, which is great. (No more Quezon City for me.) Leaving for Manila always gets me nervous, and not just because I seem to be a harbinger for storms. Only once or twice have I ever experienced the capital without the threat of rain, or worse, a storm. Friends in Manila have already texted me their weather reports, and already there are talks of heavy rain and flood. But Eric says the weather seems to be getting better. "Only drizzles today," he says, which is not quite helpful for my nerves. And there are also the traveling expenses. What I usually spend in Manila for a day usually lasts me at least five days in Dumaguete. I tell myself to budget, and not to splurge. Besides, my book lust will already be taken cared of by my P5,000 gift certificate (which I won from the Philippine Star) from the National Bookstore. But I can't wait to meet up with friends -- Dean, Ginny, Lito, Naya, Eric here I come. And I can't wait for the Gaiman Night on the 15th. And I can't wait for the Salanga Writers Prize on the 18th. And I can't wait for the premiere of Kubrador in the Cinemalaya Film Festival where Mark and I are special guests of director Jeffrey Jeturian. Here's hoping there will be no rain. To all my Manila friends, I hope to see you soon.


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