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Friday, March 16, 2007

entry arrow1:11 PM | Last Rant for the Week

I don't want to rant, I don't want to rant, I don't want to rant. I've been ranting enough already for several posts now. (It's the low-carb diet, people. It's making my head mainit.) Still, I just read this interview with a famous Filipino fictionist now residing in the United States -- and you must know I really like her ... our emails to each other are always congenial and nice and supportive -- but in her quick survey of Filipino poets in that interview, specifically with the question "Who are the major Filipino poets writing right now?", she cited Filipino-American ones, exclusively. And I was left wondering: where are the Marjorie Evascos, the Edith Tiempos, the Anthony Tans, the Paolo Manalos, the Gemino Abads, the Krip Yusons, the Joel Toledos, the Naya Valdellons, the Larry Ypils, the Sid Gomez Hildawas in that consideration? Do we have to be living in the U.S. to be considered "major" now? But I blame the lightning nature of all interviews ... how everything must come together in quick soundbytes, and how sometimes we can only talk about things immediate to us in that given instant. But okay, peace na... I'm not going to rant anymore. At least not for a while.

I'm thinking of buying a kitten. I just saw the cutest one in the nearest pet shop...

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