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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

entry arrow7:11 PM | A Reordering of Life

I've come back home for an hour or so to get some things, and to feed the pets. Been holing up in a hotel to finish some papers, things I can only finish away from the many distractions in my pad. So far, okay lang, but I spent most of yesterday brainstorming on what to write. That was the most difficult step, and it didn't help that outside my hotel room window, a party was going on in the boulevard and some singer was busy crooning the night away. Distraction! This afternoon, I finally had a breakthrough, and I hope to go back to the hotel tonight with more ammunition to finish what I need to finish. Tomorrow, I come back home. And I know there will be changes in how I go about my every day living. I've realized that there are some things in life you need to sacrifice in order to stay true to your path, to focus on a goal. I've been blindsiding myself all these years, and enough is enough. This resolve will take a lot of guts in my part, and a lot of reevaluation of what I do. One thing that has got to go is a faithful posting to this blog. I don't want to care so much about posting anymore. The Spy in the Sandwich will not go anywhere. I'll sporadically update, until such time that I get my groove back, whatever that means, enough to regularly blog again. I guess that's it.


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