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Monday, January 26, 2009

entry arrow6:33 PM | Poolside Interlude

Those early January days were the height of the beautiful madness. (It continues still, but the sheer heedlessness of those days have no parallel.) Day after night after day of song, wine, dance, laughter, friends, pasta. Everything on the lark, it was as if the universe itself was catering to the delight and momentum of old friends meeting, after years of ... nothing. (Only now are the pictures surfacing...) This was taken during Patrick's Instant Pool Party. They -- Quddus, Douglas, Joey, Gerard, Jasper, Claro, and Patrick -- were all inside getting ready for the wet night ahead.

Clee took me outside for some test shots...

... and wine in hand, the cold January air remarkably energizing...

... I pondered, and posed, and thought about how days and nights can change in an instant, sometimes without our complete understanding...

... and there's nothing left to do except enjoy the sacred moment.

Days later, I would understand more clearly why some things must be. It's just the universe taking care of us. It trusts us that sooner or later, we, too, would see the bigger picture.

[photographs by clee andro villasor]

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