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Monday, January 26, 2009

entry arrow7:03 AM | Life Sound

Perhaps it pays to take a second look at one of the most divisive films to premiere at the 2008 Cannes Film Festival...

Brillante Mendoza's Serbis gets profiled in The New York Times by Dennis Lim. Excerpt from the article:

While Western audiences have generally not been scandalized by “Serbis,” some have been flustered by its sensory assault. This is a film in which the ambient sounds of traffic and peripheral conversations are not just ever present but almost distractingly loud.

“The sound designer kept saying it was too noisy and we had to turn it down, but I said no,” Mr. Mendoza said, adding that he made no effort to call for quiet on the set. “When journalists from Europe or the States ask me about it, I ask if they’ve ever been to those parts of Asia. That’s what it’s like, and you have to shout, because you can’t hear people. It’s life sound.”

Read the rest here.

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