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Thursday, February 19, 2009

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What I need most right now is a siesta. Perhaps an hour or two of sleep would do well for my system. I knew for sure, going out into the late night last night for Reggae Wednesday at Hayahay, that having a beer or two would be a bad idea. The day was already quite full and the night that capped it -- having a movie game with Annabelle and the gang at Gabby's -- was truly well-spent. And then, of course, I had to go to Hayahay. Bad idea. Something about the Red Horse from last night must have triggered this string of not-so-good things today. Wala namang hang-over, but I felt a mild kind of grogginess waking up to what promised to be a humid day. I had to woke up early to edit a video I promised for Arlene for a program slated tonight. It took me the whole of three hours to polish it. And I was almost finished with it, just needed a few more tweaks -- when then the lights went out at 10 A.M. When the electricity came back an hour later, I tried booting my PC -- and all I got was a blue-screen that told me, in technical gibberish, that some damage daw has been inflected on my poor computer. It refused to boot. Poor computer crashed! And then, of course, the Globelines technician had to come at that exact moment to check up on my complaint about not having an Internet connection at home. And then later, I had to go to a luncheon meeting right after, something I was dreading. And then later, going to my research writing class early this afternoon, I became angry that more than half the class defaulted on their deadlines. Gisapot ko. Ako sila gikasab-san. I told them, "I give up. I refuse to care anymore. If you give me something, fine. If not, fine rin. It wouldn't be my transcript getting riddled with red marks anyway."

Pero bahala na. Positive vibes gihapon. There's no use being morose just because some things about today are kinda flaky and dodgy. Days like these naman make the better ones even more beautiful. Let the day roll on!


In the end, it really was a beautiful day. Old friends, former students, great coffee... Good combination.

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