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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

entry arrow6:45 PM | A Little Fever Can Be a Good Thing

It's not easy to be optimistic when your Internet connection at home is nonexistent -- Globelines, ano ba? -- or when you're suddenly stricken with fever, plus colds and coughing, at the start of what should be a very busy week for you. But I am. Strangely. I guess it pays to just take one day at a time, and learn to go with the flow. Even when the flow means sleeping more than the usual.

Also, this is a published excuse for not being able to post something for days now. I just came off work. I'm in Don Atilano, bathing in its free wifi. I know, I should be home taking care to purge this fever out of my body, but I figured that I actually went to work today, sniffles and all, and did more than a passable job lecturing on the intricacies of the Filipino short story in English, even when half my brain was somewhere in Timbuktu, and so I figured I can slack off a little bit to do some Internet surfing. I actually told my class kanina, "If I start talking about Martians and all that, don't mind me. That's just my fever talking." They laughed. But I wasn't making a joke.

Good thing I'm sick now. I don't want to be sick when I head for Manila next week for the First International Philippine Writers Festival. I plan to paint the town red. After, of course, enduring the days being, umm, "literary."

So here's a cheer to free wifi, Neozoep, Vitamin C, and Tempra. Here's to gallons of water gulped every minute. Here's to a little sickness: it makes one treasure the good days all the more. (That's being very optimistic, right?)


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