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Thursday, January 02, 2020

entry arrow2:40 AM | Quick Portrait of a Film Year, 2019

Film That I Would Die For as a Cinevore: Parasite and Portrait of a Lady on Fire and Varda by Agnes

Film That I Watched Again After I Finished: I Lost My Body

Film I Had to Pause Many Times Because It Left Me Breathless: Uncut Gems

Film That Tickled the Writer in Me: Little Women and Transit

Film That Made Me Horny: The Blonde One

Film That Made Me Horny and Now I Feel Disturbed: Climax

Film That Made Me Think: Hail, Satan?

Film That Made Me Laugh: Booksmart

Film That Made Go Awwww: The Biggest Little Farm

Film That Scared Me the Most: The Golden Glove and Don't F***k with Cats

Film That Unsettled Me: Midsommar and In the Absence

Film That Made Me Cry: A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Film That Made Me Feel the Most: Asako I and II

Film That Made Me Angry: The Great Hack

Film That Made Me Want to Dance: Gloria Bell

Film That Made Me Want to Sing: Rocketman

Film That Had the Unlikeliest Musical Moment: Marriage Story

Film That Exasperated Me in the Beginning But Won Me by the End: Transit

Film That Contains the Most Exhilarating Breakthrough Performance: Luce

Film That is Most Divisive, But It "Went There": Jojo Rabbit

Film That is So Weird It Was Made for Me [a.k.a. Mother! Award]: In Fabric and The Lighthouse

Film That is Way Too Cracked It Made Me Smile: Piercing

Film That is Made for Heartbreak: Asako I & II

Film That Took My Breath Away for Sheer Beauty: Aquarela

Film That I Unexpectedly Like: Alita: Battle Angel and The Report and Dora and the Lost City of Gold

Film That Was Really Good Except For Certain Unwieldy Parts: The Two Popes

Film That I Wanted to Hate But Absolutely Liked: Star Wars: Episode IX - The Rise of Skywalker and Ford v Ferrari and Uncut Gems

Film That I Wanted to Like But Absolutely Hated: The Farewell

Film That Made Great Use of Adapted Material: Little Women and Doctor Sleep

Film That is Destined to be a Cult Classic: Paradise Hills

Film That is Critically Acclaimed But I am Just Indifferent About: Us

Film That is Popular Now But is Destined to Confound People in the Future: Joker

Film That Knows Its Weight in Cinematic History: 63 Up and Varda by Agnes

Film That Disappointed Thoroughly: Aladdin

Film That is Astoundingly Pretentious: Long Day's Journey Into Night

Film That is Astoundingly Stupid and Doesn't Know It: Glass

Film That Was Good on Paper But Failed on Delivery: The Goldfinch

Film From an Acclaimed Director That Disappointed: The Dead Don't Die

Film From a Favorite Director That Disappointed: A Rainy Day in New York

Film That I Had to Finish After So Many Pauses and Starts Because It is "Important": The Irishman

Film That is Most Unnecessary: The Lion King and Men in Black International

Film I Forgot Was Actually Released in 2019: Captain Marvel

Film That is Equal Measure Silly and Earnest: Fast Color

Film That is an Unintended Remake of Something: Transit [of Casablanca]

Sequel That is Better Than the First Film: Frozen II and Maleficent: Mistress of Evil

Sequel That Should Make the Franchise Stop: Glass and How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World and Men in Black: International

Sequel That I Liked Which Everyone Else Hated: Terminator: Dark Fate

Remake I Was Looking Forward To But Ultimately Disappointed: Pet Sematary and Child's Play

Film I Will Try to Give a Second Chance to Grow on Me [But Probably Won’t]: The Souvenir and Her Smell

Film That Should be Burned From Existence: The Hustle


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