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Friday, June 03, 2022

entry arrow12:53 AM | I Don't Want to be a Doormat Anymore

I have the craziest, most ambitious plans for the Dumaguete cultural scene. In my life as a cultural worker, I’ve accomplished many of those, often to my amazement. But in the past seven years or so, brilliant things I conceived of were inevitably taken over by others [which is a nice way of saying they were “stolen from me]: a literary festival, a film festival, an art happening, and some others. There were circumstances beyond my control, and I just didn’t want to cause trouble. I didn’t fight back. Didn't believe in confrontation, didn’t believe in airing my laundry for everyone to see. Never even divulged my side to anyone, even my partner. I kept it all inside. This year, somebody else tried to do something similar to an initiative I started and developed — and to my surprise, I am finding myself fighting back. I don’t want to be a doormat anymore.

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