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Wednesday, June 01, 2022

entry arrow12:31 PM | Navigating the ADHD Life

With ADHD, the course of action for every single day is never simple especially when you take into consideration the landscape of the mind.

I don't know exactly how to describe it except use an analogy: It's like starting on a walk in the woods, and you are keen on following a particular path. But as you walk—and despite efforts to concentrate on the path you've taken—your legs start to wander without really knowing they're wandering, and suddenly, as if you've just woken up from a reverie, you find yourself in a new path you have no idea you've taken, and you're already far away from your starting point.

Sometimes medication keeps you focused on the initial path you've taken. Sometimes coffee will do. Today, for example. I began my day intent on finishing one thing, and the next thing I knew—thirty minutes later—I found myself doing something else without any inkling how I got here.

Sometimes I find it funny, like today. Being mindful about how our brain works makes dealing with it easier to bear, and you can course-correct. [It's also easier to navigate with a notebook of things-to-do.] And then there's the manic phase: when so many things in your head clamor for attention, and all of them are beautiful ideas. How do you even begin to function? I have no idea, to be honest, but a sense of humor is essential to surviving—and living through—this.

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