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Thursday, May 24, 2007

entry arrow11:23 PM | Blank Proem

This morning, I crushed my spectacles getting up from bed. It broke under my foot like a human heart, fragile always to things that ram: your sudden lightning, for example, or how I become invisible. I've been walking around all day half-blind, groping for reasons why things break, or why lives fall apart at the slightest whiff of the proverbial camel's straw. As I cut through the blur and the aching throb pulsing from behind these eyes, I will give you only my blank spaces. Think: How silence can be louder than any cry. How some nothing from me should be something for you. How the heart can only take so much without your seeing for real how words can tear, how wounds can grow. How I ache to touch your eyes and your pain, and let you see there is a world behind the blindness, beautiful like clarity. I close my own, and wish you the gravity of quiet, the refreshing lull after the lightning finally spends itself.

And then of course, you wake up. In your eyes, I see the sun.

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