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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

entry arrow9:28 PM | Michaelangelo Antonioni, 94

Too soon after the death of Ingmar Bergman, another film master, the Italian director Michelangelo Antonioni, passes away. With these two deaths all incredibly within days of each other, the serious film world can only shake with so much shock. The Associated Press reports in The New York Times: "[Antonioni] whose depiction of alienation made him a symbol of art-house cinema with movies such as Blow-Up and L'Avventura, has died, officials and news reports said Tuesday. He was 94... Antonioni depicted alienation in the modern world through sparse dialogue and long takes. Along with Federico Fellini, he helped turn post-war Italian film away from the Neorealism movement and toward a personal cinema of imagination... His exploration of such intellectual themes as alienation and existential malaise led Halliwell's Film Guide to say that L'Avventura, Antonioni's first critical success, made him a hero of the highbrows... "In the empty, silent spaces of the world, he has found metaphors that illuminate the silent places our hearts, and found in them, too, a strange and terrible beauty: austere, elegant, enigmatic, haunting," Jack Nicholson said in presenting Antonioni with the career Oscar." More here.

[UPDATE: Antonioni died on the same day as Bergman, the Times now reports. How's that for Cinema's Black Monday? Rick Lyman writes a wonderful obituary here.]

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