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Friday, August 24, 2007

entry arrow11:37 AM | Nine Random Things

I was tagged by Kokak, who demands immediate answer, so here goes eight (plus one) random things about me...


I hate to email. Or write letters in general. Writing one takes so much out of me, because a simple letter often becomes an epic missive I never get to finish at all. Somebody once said, "Keep it simple." God, I do try. But I never seem to get anywhere. I always feel guilty when I dash off something like, "Hey, thanks for the email. I'm great! Ikaw? Musta?" Yay of all yays. But for the most part, I think my resistance to emailing has something to do with the fact that I write to make stories -- and so when I write anything else, I fear that I am wasting words on something other than fiction.


I am the worst hypochondriac I know. And nobody actually knows this. Right now, I'm scared I'm dying of cancer. I've been through a whole gamut of diseases, and this is the disease du jour. What's worse? I'm scared of hospitals.


I believe I am the laziest person in the whole wide world. Some people say, "But you're such a workaholic." Trust me, it's to compensate for the guilt, which may or may not be imagined. I think I've been compensating since that day in grade school, a long time ago, when I felt too sick to scrub the floor with your standard issue coconut husk -- and one of my classmates started taunting me with "Si Ian, tapulan... Si Ian, tapulan..." I still remembering the embarrassment I felt.


I eat in a certain fashion that borders the eccentric. I don't mix food, the way Mark does. I eat various dishes in an orderly manner, never mixing sequences, never experimenting. (Appetizer, soup, first course, second course, dessert... And never in any other order.) I do not like sauces and condiments. I want my food ... virginal.


I drink three cups of coffee before I go to sleep.


I become relaxed in two ways: (a) a good massage, and (b) a day in a bookstore. The smell of new books is orgasmic.


I loathe Friendster accounts that automatically play emo music. Or whatever music, even. The loud ones usually scare the hell out of me. Jeez, it may be your personal page, but God, don't you know that that kind of madness always drives people away from viewing your page? But what's worse: Friendster accounts that play two or three different tunes all at the same time.


I finish most things in the nick of time -- but I always deliver quality. I think.


I hate memes. So I'm tagging nobody. And everybody.

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