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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

entry arrow1:00 AM | Facebook is Not Friendster

Let's get this straight. Facebook is not baduy Friendster. So let's get rid of some pesky Friendsterisms, shall we? Those habits we've developed over the years while enslaved to that netherworld where the light does not shine?

You don't have to thank me for adding you as a friend.

And if I don't add you, that just means I have no idea who you are.

Please don't request for a "testimonial" on your Wall.

Don't fret about not being able to put up glittery, baduy wallpapers on your profile.

And for Mark Zuckerberg's sake, put your real full name up there in your profile. Not your nickname, or some other formulation that requires asterisks and what-not so that you will be the "first" in everyone's roster of friends. (You'll be in violation of your sign-up agreement with Facebook if you do, actually.)

Facebook is for adults, people. (Well, adults who "poke" you a lot and send you plants for your "lil green patch." But nevertheless...)

And lastly, don't invite those trolls remaining in Friendster either. Best to just leave them behind.


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