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Saturday, March 20, 2010

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The thing they don't tell you about graduation is this: the bliss of an afternoon clad in a toga is quick and shallow. The commencement speech is boring, and you feel that the summer sun, which is blistering hot, is laughing at you. It still doesn't quite register that a great chapter in your life is over -- college, you will soon realize, was a time when you had all the chance to explore, and do, all that you can be without adult recriminations -- and then you realize it rang away so quickly and unexpectedly, just like the sound of a misfired shot gun.

Four years are quick. The future is long.

And then this bullet of a realization suddenly gets to you: it's all over. You finally say to yourself, in a sudden acknowledgment of what's to come: "Okay... what now?" You're sweaty in your toga, and all you get is silence. Your mother smiles at you. She expects you to get a job fast.

"I have a friend who owns a college," your mother says. "I want you to stay in our hometown. Be with me."

You feel yourself wilt inside.

The very next day, you realize you can't really ask for an allowance anymore.

Congratulations, Batch 2010!


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