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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

entry arrow12:36 PM | More Momsters

This one's from Kitty Litter. About more momsters in school -- or in this case, fatherkensteins: an Italian family mauled a school principal for a child's low grades. Says Kitty Litter: "As an ex-teacher, I can understand why you were unable to answer the plagiarist's 'momster'. But don't take it personally, because these people are lashing out in hopes of covering for their own inadequacies. Deep in their horrible hearts they know they're wrong and can't accept it. Promise, tutoo yan." Thanks, Kitty Litter!

I've actually incorporated this old nightmare into my class policies. If you enroll into any of my classes now, your course outline will include this provision: "Your records are open for you to examine. If you have any questions regarding your final grade, please write your teacher a polite query letter to be given through the Department secretary. Give your instructor at most one (1) week to formulate a reply. Bringing irate parents to the Department to question matters of grades, etc. is a sign of gross immaturity. Please remember that this is no longer grade school."

Who says we can't learn from the past?

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