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Monday, May 28, 2007

entry arrow1:44 PM | Reports From the Lazy Zone

You must know that I am manic-depressive, of the non-threatening kind. I am amazingly creative and bubbling with ideas for long stretches of time -- but when every ounce of that has been spent, I spiral to silence and slovenly ways, often lasting for days or weeks, and are often very dark. Starting with my arrival from India, I've found myself in a minor depressive phase -- "minor" because I'm not depressed at all, only lazy. Then again, after the work and travel I've done in the past month, I think I can allow myself this respite from workaholism. And so I've allowed myself to put everything on hold. The apartment has gone to seed as well (it's a pigsty of neglect), and I've opted instead to watch trashy television, to read my newly-bought books (you have no idea how many I bought in India), or watching movies. Yesterday morning, while Mark slept, I rediscovered Woody Allen's Husbands and Wives, which I had sniffed as being too blah the first time it came out. It's a minor companion to his more searing dramas like Interiors or Match Point or Crimes and Misdemeanors, but I like it because it allows itself to be funny even when it punctures all our notions of what makes a working relationship. All I needed to appreciate the film was a little maturity pala, and I did watch it more attuned to the pains and qualms of its story of two couples going through the minefield of marriage and relationship.

(Side note: Don't worry, Ma'am Ce. My response to Florin's article for Silliman Journal is a short story I'm titling "Consecration." I'm done with the first part na.)

Of course I know this slothful idyll has got to end soon. In fact it will end tonight, because I plan to wield the broom and the mop in a while, and proceed to wipe away every grime from my pad. (I always clean at night, don't ask me why.) And then it's a return to work. And I'll be truly happy.

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