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Friday, April 05, 2013

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I have no recollection of discovering the writings of Roger Ebert, but I know I've always been a fan for as long as I can remember. His reviews were ones I always seek out, to sort out my own thoughts about movies, and to have my own sounding board when I want to debate about them. I think he mattered to me -- perhaps even more than Paulene Kael -- because Roger made the movies matter on a very personal level: it wasn't a "sexual" thing, like Kael does it -- what Roger did was to bring humanity to his reviews of the films, and yet he was smart and accessible at the same time. Everything else about him resonated, too: I loved how he embraced life and its diversity. I loved how he championed "overlooked" films. I loved how he embraced beautiful language and being liberal and intelligent debates and social media. I did now always agree with his film reviews, but he has always been a hero to me. You will be missed, Mr. Ebert. Cinema is not going to be the same without your voice.

Some brilliant tributes from everywhere in the web:

The New York Times : Douglas Martin examines Roger as a movie critic for the common man.
Chicago Sun-Times : Obituary from the paper he worked for all these years.
NPR : Linda Holmes gets right what I feel about Roger Ebert's passing. A strange kind of sadness.
The Atlantic : Spenser Kornhaber on Roger and writing.
The New Yorker : Roger's legacy as a film critic.
Time : Steven S. Duke, a former colleague, reflects on the journalism legend.
Slate : Dana Stevens on Roger the mentor, prolific sharer of links, cooking philosopher, and lover of the movies.

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