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Tuesday, December 04, 2018

entry arrow1:52 PM | Old Homeless Woman and Cat

My 5 AM thoughts go to this homeless old woman who has made living quarters of the parking space off the 7-11 that's right across the campanario. I see her on nights I go to Qyosko, and when I happen to go to the store to buy something or other. She has a cat. [Or the cat has her.] But it's such a loyal cat, beautiful, and looks like it's cared for. When the woman's asleep on the makeshift bed she's made out of cardboard, the cat sleeps beside her with such a look of comfort; when it's awake, it sits beside her sleeping body like a tiny lion poised and on guard. They always look like such a pair. Last night, she was sitting on the sidewalk looking lost into the drizzle. There was no cat. There was just this look of waiting on her face, vacant and searching at the same time. I couldn't ask her where the cat was. I could only walk past her forlorn figure, grab a cab home, to my bed and to my dreams where she would linger cat-less even to my waking hours.

Note: Cat in photo is not the actual cat.

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